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Our Pre-Teens

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Intro to a Kat [Apr. 22nd, 2006|02:24 pm]
Our Pre-Teens


Thanks for joining preteen-parents!!
I know I can use the support of others with kids the same age as my daughter Haley!

name:Kristen "Kat"
age: 29, almost 30
location: Orlando Florida
childrens names and ages: Haley Alexis 9, 4/8/96 Cameron Alexander 7, 10/29/98 Mackenna Elizabeth 6, 2/15/00
a little about yourself and family: I am a single mom living in florida and I am into art, movies and music... I will post my "general" LJ bio under this.
a bio of your preteen(s): Haley is 9, she will be 10 on April 8th. She is tall and thin and loves to geek out all the time on video games. She likes to ride her skateboard and bike. She gets good grades, recently was chosen as THE representative for her classroom to be in the school spelling bee. She has gotten perfect attendance awards. hmm what else.. She is kind of a tom boy.
photos: (optional)

Name: Kristen "Kat"
Status: single (widowed in 2001)
Age: 29 7/6/76
Location: Orlando Florida
Children: Haley Alexis 4/8/96, Cameron Alexander 10/29/98, Mackenna Elizabeth 2/15/00
Sahm/wohm/wahm: wahm
Hobbies: I play bass, listening to music, make graphics and animations, paint, watch a LOT of movies, write short stories and poetry, I run a parenting website called www.a-mommys-world.com ,I make jewelry..mainly bracelets, necklaces, and nursing necklaces, gaming(mainly game cube and ps2) photography, research, writing reviews... many things :)
Dislikes: mainly rude and ignorant people
More about me: I mainly just take care of my kids and run a parenting website, plus partake in all my hobbies. I really do not date much because a single mom of 3 is underirable to most. I watch a LOT of movies, We go to the beach and parks, I like to photograph my son when he skates(skateboard), I like graveyard/cemetary photography.
Here are my kids.

Haley Alexis 4/8/96

Cameron Alexander 10/29/98

Mackenna Elizabeth 2/15/00

I watch tons of movies and listen to a lot of music...see my profile on myspace

my 3 cats.